Stochastic Distance Based Y4O Polarimetric SAR Decomposition (SDY4O)

This is a novel polarimetric decomposition technique based on the statistical information theory. In this Yamaguchi four-component polarimetric decomposition (Y4O) scattering powers are modified using the concept of statistical information theory for matrices.



Adaptive General Four-Component Scattering Power Decomposition With Unitary Transformation of Coherency Matrix (AG4U)

In this, adaptive general four-component scattering power decomposition method (AG4U) one among the two complex special unitary transformation matrices is chosen to transform a real unitary rotated coherency matrix based on the largest value of Degree of polarization. This transformed matrix is then utilized for the existing Yamaguchi et al. four-component decomposition scheme with an extended volume scattering model.



Compact Polarimetric SAR Decomposition: S-Ω

This is a recently demonstrated decomposition technique for compact polarimetric (CP) synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data.