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Welcome to Microwave Remote Sensing Lab (MRSLab), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, INDIA. The research group deals with the development of methodologies and applications with Earth Observation Sensors (EOS) with particular focus on synthetic aperture radar (SAR) polarimetry and interferometry technologies.

Our primary research goal aims at exploring various applications of remotely sensed images for agricultural crop monitoring, snow and glacier studies. Research interest lies in analyzing snow and glacier dynamics over the Himalayan region. Researchers have demonstrated successful use of SAR polarimetry for crop inventory mapping, bio-geo physical parameter retrieval over multi-test site experiments.

Towards operational agricultural applications with SAR, the group is involved with the Joint Experiment for Crop Assessment and Monitoring (JECAM) SAR Inter Comparison Experiment to benchmarking and advocate a set of best technical practices and recommendations for global agricultural analysis using EO data. Apart from applications, researchers are actively involved in the development of the state-of-the-art PolSAR scattering power decompositions (viz., AG4U, SDY4O, S-Ω), scattering power factorization and change detection algorithms for quad- and compact-pol radar data.

In addition, we also use machine learning and statistical techniques for the analysis of remotely sensed images in various applications such as urban area classification, crop classification, mineral exploration, image segmentation etc. Our recent activity with big-Earth data processing with cloud-based processing chains would benefit the research community. Particular interest in machine learning and cloud-processing of SAR data for ecosystem studies have become influential in this application field, with evident interest for EO- and agri-industries.

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